The Theater Experience

The Theater Experience PDF
Author: Edwin Wilson
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies
ISBN: 9780072831825
Size: 72.10 MB
Format: PDF
Category : Theater
Languages : en
Pages :
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Book Description: The ideal theater appreciation text for courses focusing on theater elements, "The Theater Experience" encourages students to be active theater-goers as they learn about the fundamentals of a production. By addressing the importance of the audience, Wilson brings the art of performance to life for students who may have little experience with the medium. .

Ise The Theatre Experience

ISE The Theatre Experience PDF
Author: Edwin Wilson
ISBN: 9781260566512
Size: 57.58 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Category :
Languages : en
Pages :
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Book Description:

Loose Leaf For The Theatre Experience

Loose Leaf for The Theatre Experience PDF
Author: Edwin Wilson
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education
ISBN: 9781260493405
Size: 22.57 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Category : Art
Languages : en
Pages : 368
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Book Description: The Theatre Experience prepares students to be well-informed, well-prepared theatre audience members. With an audience-centered narrative that engages today's students, a vivid photo program that brings concepts to life, and features that teach and encourage a variety of skill sets, students master core concepts and learn to think critically about the theatre and the world around them. As a result, students are better prepared for class, and better prepared for theatre going.

Improvisation For The Theater

Improvisation for the Theater PDF
Author: Viola Spolin
Publisher: Northwestern University Press
ISBN: 9780810140080
Size: 55.60 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Category : Performing Arts
Languages : en
Pages : 412
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Book Description: Collects exercises, games, and other techniques developed by Viola Spolin for stimulating creative expression.

Kommunikationswissenschaft Im Internationalen Vergleich

Kommunikationswissenschaft im internationalen Vergleich PDF
Author: Stefanie Averbeck-Lietz
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
ISBN: 3531189506
Size: 57.80 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Category : Language Arts & Disciplines
Languages : de
Pages : 454
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Book Description: Die Kommunikationswissenschaft hat sich national unterschiedlich entwickelt, unterliegt aber auch transnationalen Einflüssen. Der Band vergleicht kommunikationswissenschaftliche Forschung in Europa, den USA und exemplarisch den Schwellenländern. Welche Großregionen geben den Ton an? Gilt der Blick in die USA für alle Fachcommunities? Herrschen in der Theoriebildung nationale oder transnationale Referenzgrößen vor? In Bezug auf welche Basistheorien und welche Theorien mittlerer Reichweite? Im Mittelpunkt stehen zwei Forschungsbereiche, die die meisten nationalen Fachgemeinschaften miteinander teilen: die Öffentlichkeits- und die Nutzungsforschung. Welche Ausprägungen haben sie international und wie reagieren sie auf aktuelle Prozesse wie die Globalisierung und die Digitalisierung?

Unruly Audiences And The Theater Of Control In Early Modern London

Unruly Audiences and the Theater of Control in Early Modern London PDF
Author: Eric Dunnum
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1351252631
Size: 56.32 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Category : Performing Arts
Languages : en
Pages : 264
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Book Description: Unruly Audiences and the Theater of Control in Early Modern London explores the effects of audience riots on the dramaturgy of early modern playwrights, arguing that playwrights from Marlowe to Brome often used their plays to control the physical reactions of their audience. This study analyses how, out of anxiety that unruly audiences would destroy the nascent industry of professional drama in England, playwrights sought to limit the effect that their plays could have on the audience. They tried to construct playgoing through their drama in the hopes of creating a less-reactive, more pensive, and controlled playgoer. The result was the radical experimentation in dramaturgy that, in part, defines Renaissance drama. Written for scholars of Early Modern and Renaissance Drama and Theatre, Theatre History, and Early Modern and Renaissance History, this book calls for a new focus on the local economic concerns of the theatre companies as a way to understand the motivation behind the drama of early modern London.

Living Theatre A History

Living Theatre  A History PDF
Author: Edwin Wilson
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Humanities/Social Sciences/Languages
Size: 29.88 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Category : Performing Arts
Languages : en
Pages : 565
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Book Description: Living Theatre: A History conveys the excitement and variety of theatre throughout time, as well as the dynamic way in which our interpretation of theatre history is informed by contemporary scholarship. Rather than presenting readers with a mere catalog of historical facts and figures, it sets each period in context through an exploration of the social, political and economic conditions of the day, creating a vivid study of the developments in theatre during that time.

An Hour In Elfland

An hour in Elfland PDF
Author: Heinrich Joachim Gerke
Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing
ISBN: 9789060320891
Size: 55.10 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Category : History
Languages : de
Pages : 441
View: 1279

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Book Description:

American Drama In The Age Of Film

American Drama in the Age of Film PDF
Author: Zander Brietzke
Publisher: University of Alabama Press
ISBN: 0817315713
Size: 32.11 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Category : Drama
Languages : en
Pages : 201
View: 344

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Book Description: "American Drama in the Age of Film" examines the strengths and weaknesses of both the dramatic and cinematic arts to confront the standard arguments in the film-versus-theater debate.

Great Reckonings In Little Rooms

Great Reckonings in Little Rooms PDF
Author: Bert O. States
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 9780520908604
Size: 23.87 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Category : Performing Arts
Languages : en
Pages : 228
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Book Description: This is a book about the theater phenomenon. It is an extension of notes on the theater and theatergoing that have been accumulating for some time. It does not have an argument, or set out to prove a thesis, and it will not be one of those useful books one reads for the fruits of its research. Rather, it is a form of critical description that is phenomenological in the sense that it focuses on the activity of theater making itself out of its essential materials: speech, sound, movement, scenery, text, etc. Like most phenomenological description, it will succeed to the extent that it awakens the reader's memory of his own perceptual encounters with theater. If the book fails in this it will be about as interesting to read as an anthology of someone else's dreams. In any case, this book is less concerned with the scientific purity of my perspective and method than with retrieving something from the theater experience that seems to me worthy of our critical admiration.